Energy Storage System


1. Integrated power system with on/off grid
2. Stable power supply system without power failure
3. Efficient power management for multi purpose use
4. One or three phase extensible system for power up

Technical Data

Battery storage system
 Parameter  Specifications
   cell    3.2V, 50Ah (Prismatic cell)
   Cell series    16
   Cell parallel    2 (100Ah)
   System voltage    51.2V
   System capacity    5.1kWh
   Cycle life    3000  @DoD 80%
PV input
   Max. DC power    3kW
   Nominal DC voltage[V]    350Vdc
   MPPT voltage range [V]    100~400Vdc
AC input & output
   AC power    3kVA
   Voltage [V]/Frequency[Hz]    220/240Vac, 60/50Hz
   Power factor    ≥ 0.95
   UPS switching time    ≤ 4ms
   PV to Grid (%)    90%
   IP grade    IP20
   Communication    RS-485
   HMI interface    7 inch
   Operation mode    Auto & user


PV Inverter

PV inverter is converts the DC supplied by photovoltaic (PV) panels to AC which is then normally fed to the 220 V mains supply.

Technical Data

 Model No.  INV-003P
   Rated Power    3kW
   Isolation Type    Transformer less Type
   Nominal Input Voltage    DC 350V
   MPPT Voltage Range    DC 100 ~ 500V
   Nominal Output Voltage    AC 220V
   Nominal Output Frequency    60Hz/50Hz
   Phase    One Phase/Two Wire
   Power Factor    ≥ 0.95
  Total Harmonic Distortion    ≤5%
  Efficiency    96.2%
  IP Grade    IP65(Outdoor Type)